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It has been a bit over 2.5 years and what a ride it was. Time to look back for just a second. Below are some of the projects that we were fortunate to have worked on. For us, this is a way of showing how grateful we are for being able to work on such awesome projects with such awesome people.

Thanks a million!
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Creating 5 general game concepts for a trade show might be easy, but designing the game from scratch, finding the right balance in the difficulty curve or coming up with cool ideas on how to attract the trade show visitor with so many unique brands, is a much bigger challenge. That’s exactly why we liked this project so much. After a successful launch at the trade show the game has been downloaded a bazillion times in the App store and Play store.
Thanks Becca Fortenbacher and Teja Patankar
A few productive brainstorm sessions resulted in several ideas on how to improve Li-Ning’s e-Commerce website. With every idea differentiated into segments (cost effectiveness, implementation time, engagement, budget, innovation, etc.), it was easy to see which concept would work best. Many thanks to Craig Heisner and Dominic Lee for teaming with us on this project!
For our client Libereaux, we designed a groundbreaking E-Portfolio platform. Here, a portfolio is not just a single piece of paper but a complete history of values, interests, milestones, competencies and personal experiences. For us the challenging part was and is in the scaling of the product.
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Two high-fives for Marloes Smit and Marc van Harten. Thanks for a great year!
"We want to create an iTunes-like platform for journalists. A digital newsstand where you can see and buy relevant and/or trending news articles.” Sure! We can see the relevance of a product like this. That’s why we helped this dutch start-up to refine the concept and were responsible for everything that a user sees and feels - a typical mix of User-Interface design, User-Experience design and front end web development. The product is still in closed beta phase, but be sure to check out and request an invite. Special gratitude fly out to Marten Blankensteijn and Jesse Dijkstra.
In 2006 one of our members needed a tool to track his sailing trip across the Atlantic Ocean. There wasn’t a tool that met the requirements, so he made it himself. Beginning as a personal product, we chose to develop this concept ourselves with a team of 6 specialists. Polarsteps will be a platform where all travellers will have a place to store, organize and share their travel moments. We hope to launch our MVP in the spring of 2014, so be sure to check out frequently.
Our client, ‘Comprehensive Cancer Centre The Netherlands,’ is digitizing their cancer treatment protocols. After these protocols were transformed into decision trees, we converted it to a highly usable user interface that we tested on our target audience (doctors) using online feedback tools. Because of this research we were able to improve our user-flow into a product that eventually will be used by doctors when guiding their patients or in their multidisciplinary consultation meetings. Thanks Manuel Harmsen and the rest of the team for a smooth collaboration.
Do you have something to wish for in 2014? Drop us a line here or post your wish on our Facebook page and we’ll try to make it happen! Have a great holiday and see you next year!

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